Essential Details to be Considered While Preparing for Civil Service Examination

UPSC Exam conducted by Goverment Of India

Some prominent UPSC toppers have written a book named ‘How to Crack Civil Service Examination.” The book includes brilliant guidance and strategies to help the aspiring candidates achieve success in the civil service examination. It contains various methods that the rankers have learnt from their mistakes which have proved to be of great help to the readers. By reading the book, you will be able to know every minute detail about the UPSC examination.


Opt for the eminent IAS coaching centre in Chennai


You can take admission in a Civil service coaching institute in Chennai which will help you keep your preparation on track. However, the coaching institutes for such examination are an expensive affair, but they offer several advantages too. The chief objective of these coaching centres is to help the aspirants understand the requirements of the exam. Thus, it motivates the students to work on the central portion of different subjects.


In such academies, educators provide unique information regarding every topic and also help you improve the way you convey your knowledge to the examiner. There are almost lakhs of students appearing for the examination and to stand out the many you need to improvise your answers. To impress the examiner, you can also provide catchy subtitles, better introductions, logical representation, conclusion and of course good handwriting to your answer sheet.


The intricacies of the civil service or UPSC examination


You can get in contact with the candidates who have already cleared the test. They can provide you with guidance as to which optional subject to select and how to prepare for the personality assessment stage. Basic strategies for preparing for prelims, mains, and the interview session have helped in the process for many. Make sure that you do not fail an attempt because of insufficient accurate assistance.


If you happen to be someone preparing for the civil service examination, then you should concentrate on the basic knowledge of every topic. Do not waste your precious time on too many subject materials. If you acquire clarity on every topic, then there can be multiple benefits.  One among the many is you will be able to improve the quality of answers you write. No book can teach you how to innovate your answers; it is completely your way of expressing ideas. To secure a rank in the merit list, it is essential to stand out in the crowd. For that, you need to write the answers differently from the other candidates.



Reading newspapers regularly can help you retain pieces of information about the present and past happenings. The multiple-choice format in the preliminary examination mainly include questions related to events, places and famous personalities, thus pay more attention to these facts while reading the daily news. You can make hard copies of what you read. The process may be a little time consuming but can be of great help at times of revision. During the examination, first, try to attempt the questions that you are sure about and leave the difficult ones for later. By this, you can manage your time correctly and complete the paper on time.